How much does it cost to replace a Samsung Battery?

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For modern Smartphones, it can be pretty common for the battery to gradually deteriorate for a number of reasons. This could be because of how old the battery is, how it’s been cared for or how it’s been built.

 At Square Repair, we’ve helped repair over 70,000 devices in the last seven years from our London Liverpool Street station branch.

 The cost of a Samsung battery is dependent on what Samsung device you have. Square Repair offers a diagnosis service for popular Samsung Galaxy lines, including the S9 range. Our in-house technician will run numerous tests and will be able to determine what is wrong with your Samsung device.

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 A Dependable Samsung Battery Replacement Service from our London Branch

 When Square Repair carries out a battery replacement for your Samsung device, we take great steps to ensure that your device is up and running for the foreseeable future. All repairs that we carry out are covered with a free, one-year guarantee. Read more.

 “Heavy usage of your Samsung device and with constant charging can cause the battery to bloat. This can gradually affect the battery performance and how long it lasts.”

 If you’re concerned about your Samsung battery or you want to find out more about our Samsung battery replacement service, contact us today.

 Alternatively, you can book an appointment and visit us at our London Liverpool Street station branch today. Read more.


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