How Many People Have a Cracked Phone Screen?

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Cracked Phone Screens Are a Common Problem

Cracked phone screens are one of the most common problems for those living in and around London.

At our Liverpool Street Branch, Square Repair has helped repair over 70,000 phones and other devices including popular handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

“Over 20% of British people that have cracked phone screens live with it for over six months, in fact; over 3.3 million British people have injured themselves on their cracked phone screens.” O2 Research.  

Although a cracked screen won’t necessarily render your phone useless, we strongly recommend getting it repaired before further internal damage is caused to your device.

This is why our London Liverpool Street branch offers a 30 express repair for cracked phone screens.

Our London Liverpool Street branch is located across from the station. Book an appointment with us and find out how we can help you. Our cracked phone screen services are on offer to a wealth of popular devices.

iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone 8 | iPhone 7 Plus | Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus | Samsung Galaxy S9

Square Repair is determined to carry out the best possible repair service in the London area. This is why we’re proud of our reviews from satisfied customers.

“We proudly offer a one year warranty on every repair we carry out, giving you a peace of mind after we’ve repaired your iPhone or smartphone.” 

A cracked phone screen can be frustrating, but if your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy device or any other smartphone isn’t working, contact us and we can arrange a diagnosis service for it.

Feel free to book an appointment with us today and visit us at our London Liverpool Street Branch.


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