Is it worth buying a Refurbished Phone?

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Should I look into Buying a Refurbished Phone?

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Investing in a mobile device can be a costly expense, especially if you’re looking around for a high-end smartphone device. Taking out contracts can be expensive. Furthermore, it’s estimated that six million people from the UK are paying their high monthly payments after finishing their contract.

A refurbished phone may be the ideal cost-effective solution for owning a high-end smartphone.

So what is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone isn’t an ordinary second-hand device. Phones are handed back to manufactures and retailers for various reasons and they are then checked, repaired and sold as a refurbished phone.

“A refurbished phone can easily save you hundreds of pounds compared to phones on contract. You will own the phone with the upfront cost and can get an incredible sim-only contract for a fraction of the price.”

Refurbished phones are becoming an increasingly popular alternative method for owning a phone because it has been professionally repaired and checked. Our team at Square Repair has years of experience in dealing with faulty phones.

We don’t see it as a job; we simply enjoy restoring a phone to perform to its full capabilities.

At Square Repair, all our refurbished phones are expected to meet our high standards:

  • We categorise each device with different grades so you can fully understand the condition the phone is in. Grade A means it’s in immaculate condition whilst Grade C highlights a little wear.
  • Unlike other retailers, every price of our refurbished phones includes a one year warranty. We take great pride in our work and if a fault arises, we want to be quick to rectify it.
  • Our engineers have years of experience for refurbishing handsets. Before we even think about selling a device, it has to pass rigorous quality control and tests.

Our popular Liverpool Street branch offers a wide range of refurbished phones to those travelling and working in London. Check out what devices are in our sale today.

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