Has your iPhone got battery problems?

iPhone Battery iphone repair

Has your iPhone got battery problems?

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iPhone battery repairs in London

iPhone battery solutions and repairs

For over eight years, Square Repair has carried out over 70,000 repairs on a range of iPhone, Android and tablet devices. We take great pride in repairing a range of devices for London commuters travelling through the EC1 area.

At our London Liverpool Street Branch, our trusted specialists are highly experienced and can carry out the right repair to get your device up and running again. Our express service lets you shop around the EC1 area whilst we repair your phone within 2 hours.

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At Square Repair, we carry out a range of battery replacement repairs that may be the cause of your iPhone’s battery performing poorly. The general health of your iPhone’s battery is incredibly important, if it isn’t functioning properly, it cause damage to the device.

To prevent your iPhone’s battery from performing badly, try the following:

  • Check power-hungry apps. By going into your settings and then clicking on battery, you can assess what apps are requiring more power to run. Consider using the apps less or finding alternatives.
  • Disabling location services. In your iPhone settings, you can turn off location services by going onto privacy and then location services. Apps can continue to use battery power even when the app is not being used.
  • Background data. Some apps require background data to keep the app constantly updated, such as social media and news apps. By going into settings, general and then background app refresh, you can turn this feature off and reduce battery levels for your iPhone.

Square Repair takes great pride in the work we carry out, which is why our previous customers continue to visit us when their device isn’t functioning correctly.

Our one year guarantee is included in every repair we carry out for devices, whether it’s to fix water damage or replace a power button.

If you’re unsure about the problems with your iPhone, you can book an appointment with us and we can carry out a diagnosis on it. Call us on 0203 206 1627 for more information or contact us here.

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