iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

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iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement for Just £50

Our iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement service will replace your faulty battery with one that works perfectly. Just choose what type of service you want, such as walk-in, mail-in or our express service (fixed within 30 minutes). View more information.

Square Repair will run various tests to ensure the battery it is working correctly. We will then inform you that your device is ready for collection or send it back to you using our next day delivery courier service.

Fast and efficient battery replacement services

Batteries with moderate to heavy use tend to last around 18 months and can start to bloat. However, 30 minutes of our time can give you a phone that functions as if it is brand new. Contact us today.

A bloating iPhone battery can cause:

  • iPhone 8 Plus battery dying too fast
  • Battery dying at 20%
  • iPhone 8 Plus battery dying at 30%
  • Battery dying at 40%

iPhone 8 Plus repairs in the heart of London

To book an appointment in London near Liverpool Street Station, visit this page.

Quality is important to us, which is why we only use OEM parts with our iPhone 8 Plus battery replacements. We back this up with our 6 months performance warranty. Click here for more.

Visit this page for a repair service on an iPhone 7 Plus battery replacement.

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