iPhone 6 Plus SIM Reader Repair Service Centre London

iPhone 6 Plus SIM Card Reader Repair

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We Fix Your iPhone 6 Plus SIM Reader for just £40

Is your iPhone 6 Plus SIM Reader wholly unresponsive or functioning intermittently? This can be damaged over time with regular use, a drop or only general wear and tear. Check out our previous work.

Call our London team on 020 3206 1627.

Issues That You May Face Include:

  • Irregular Responses
  • Does not detect a SIM card
  • No Service

However, Square Repair London has the qualified team to provide you with a brand new functioning one, meaning you can use your phone correctly. Book your appointment.

Our hassle-free order system allows you to complete your order in minutes; you will be one step closer to having your device up and running as it once was.

Choose from one of the following:

  • Same Day
  • While You Wait
  • Pre-booked (appointment)
  • Mail-In

After installing your new SIM card reader, we run numerous tests to ensure it is working as it should be. We also provide our customers with a 1-year warranty. Click here.

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