iPhone 7 Volume Control Repair Service Centre London

iPhone 7 Volume Control Repair

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Broken Volume Control? Square Repair Can Fix Your iPhone 7 in 30 Minutes

Our iPhone 7 volume control repair service will replace your faulty volume switch, so you adjust the volume of your handset. This can be completed within 1 Hour, the same day or you can post your phone to us which will be sent back within 8 hours. Make a booking.

Problems with your device may include:

  • Volume Changing Randomly
  • No Sound When Calling
  • Low Volume
  • Muffled Calls

Call us on 020 3206 1627 for more information.

Fast iPhone 7 Repairs in London

Our qualified and experienced technicians will replace your faulty iPhone 7 Volume Control with a fully functioning one. We will also thoroughly test and return your phone in exceptional condition. See how we work.

This repair service comes with a 1-year warranty, therefore if the volume control becomes faulty within this time, get in touch with us, and we will sort the issue at no extra charge! View our policy.

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