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Has Your iPhone Got Battery Problems?

For over eight years, Square Repair has carried out over 70,000 repairs on a range of iPhone, Android and tablet devices. We take great pride in repairing a range of devices for London commuters travelling through the EC1 area.

At our London Liverpool Street Branch, our trusted specialists are highly experienced and can carry out the right repair to get your device up and running again. Our express service lets you shop around the EC1 area whilst we repair your phone within 2 hours.

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At Square Repair, we carry out a range of battery replacement repairs that may be the cause of your iPhone’s battery performing poorly. The general health of your iPhone’s battery is incredibly important, if it isn’t functioning properly, it cause damage to the device.

The Fastest Way to Replace Your iPhone Battery in London

iPhone's are known for being brilliant phones and the long battery life is one of the best features.

However, over time, users begin to experience a downfall in quality which results in having to charge their phone numerous times a day.

An iPhone battery replacement service from the Square Repair technicians will have your phone up and running as it should. Call 020 3206 1627 to make an appointment.

Steps taken to replace a faulty iPhone battery

This iPhone 7 would last around two hours before needing to be recharged. Our technicians then checked the battery life and found it was at 55%, meaning it needed a fast replacement service.

If you are experiencing similar issues with your phone, make an appointment here.

Upon inspection, the battery had started to bloat, which was the reason of the poor battery life. We removed the offending article, installed a new one and tested the battery.

The new battery was showing a much different result, which will give the iPhone user another 18 months of solid performance.

What can Square Repair offer you?

Our iPhone technicians can offer you repair and replacement services to suit you. Opt for what solution best fits around you.
  • Courier / mail-in service (same day or 24 hour turnaround)
  • Express service (30 minute wait)
  • Appointment (a time that suits you)
  • Walk-in (same day repairs)

For more information about how our repairs work in London, visit this page.

All battery replacements have a 12 month warranty. If you have any issues, please email

Do you have a similar issue with your iPhone?

We also provide several other iPhone repair services including screen repair and replacement.

The Cost of an iPhone Battery Replacement in London

At Square Repair, we’ve managed to repair over 70,000 units in the last seven years. From our Liverpool Street station branch, Square Repair has been responsible for fixing thousands of iPhones yearly.

 “Our iPhone battery replacement is an ideal and dependable solution if you’ve noticed that your iPhone battery is affecting your devices’ performance.”

If you’re looking for an iPhone battery replacement in London, then Square Repair is here to help you. How do you know if your iPhone battery needs replacing? Common indications include:

Your iPhone is constantly overheating. If you’ve left your iPhone on charge without using it or it gradually becomes too hot to handle, you may need to replace the battery.

  • Your iPhone continues to shut down unexpectedly. A common indication that your iPhone battery may need replacing is that the device shuts itself down despite having a considerable amount of charge left.
  • iPhone 6 and later devices are being throttled. Apple has confirmed that recent IOS updates slow down the performance of devices due to the state of the battery.

If you’re currently experiencing any of these problems with your iPhone, contact us today or book an appointment with us at our Central London branch. 

Our express service means that your device could be fully repaired within 30 minutes.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Draining iPhone Battery

Having a phone that dies during a critical call can sometimes be too costly -- whether it's a business call or 0845 service call, you were on hold for 47 minutes for. There are a variety of ways you can extend the life of your current battery (besides just putting the thing down, of course.)

Here are a few tips on how to save some battery:

Soft Reset your handset:

Holding the home button and power button for at least ten seconds 'til the phone powers off, and the phone restarts, showing the Apple Logo.

Turn off 4G / LTE:

4G has its benefits for streaming music or video; however, surfing Facebook and Instagram does not require this super-fast method of network connection. The faster the connection, the more power it requires. There are still plenty of areas in the UK that do not have 4G coverage; if this is the case, and your phone is continually searching for a stronger connection, you can turn 4G off temporarily

(Settings -> General -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options).

Set Auto-Lock:

Many of my customers and friends have these flip-leather cases for their iPhones; they are protective and functional, but they do not automatically lock the handset. So when you flip the lid, the phone's display is still running (usually at full brightness).  To set the Auto-Lock interval, launch the Settings app, tap on General and then Auto-Lock, and set the auto-lock interval to either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes.

Location services:

Turn off Location Services for the following System services:

Diagnostics & Usage (Settings -> Privacy ->  Diagnostics & Usage -> Don't Send)

Setting Time Zone ( Settings ->  Privacy -> Location Services)

Location Based iAds (Settings ->  Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services).

Screen Brightness:

Your iPhone and iPad have ambient light sensors that can automatically adjust the brightness of the display. So when you in a darker place, the brightness gets darker and in brighter places the brightness increases. Turning on Auto-Brightness will certainly help extend  battery life.

(Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Brightness)


Just like with Wi-Fi, having bluetooth on means your iPhone, iPod or iPad will always be searching for a device to connect to. When you update your handset this is automatically turned on, make sure you turn it off when your not using it. This can easily be done by swiping up from the button of your screen and turning the bluetooth icon off.

Turn off Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi is useful as it saves on your data (unless you have an unlimited plan), however leaving it on will drain your battery, even when it's not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone / iPad / iPod searches for networks at regular intervals, even when the phone is in standby. You can disable this by going to Settings and then Wi-Fi at the bottom toggle, Ask to Join Networks. It is disabled by default.

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast?

Facts About iPhone Battery Replacement

There was a time when all mobile phones came with a removable battery, but it all changed when the iPhone entered the market. When it comes to mobile devices, the iPhone is ahead of the rest. Most people prefer to buy the iPhone over others due to some reasons. One of these reasons is its unique design.

An iPhone can last many years, but there’s a downside to that longevity: sooner or later, you’re going to need a battery replacement.

A device that's regularly used can start to show decreased battery life after a couple of months (though some will last much longer than that). If you have still got the device after two or three years, you will likely notice that the battery holds less power, making it less useful.

When you start to experience this, you may want to buy a whole new device when all you need is a new battery. The iPhone battery plays an important role among all the components of an iPhone, and every user of the iPhone will always want to have an excellent experience. This is largely dependent on the durability of the battery. Many IPhone enthusiasts are highly concerned about how to replace their iPhone batteries. This has become an issue because unlike any other mobile phones, an inexperienced owner cannot replace the iPhones battery.

This is where we come in; we get the job done for you.

Is replacing an iPhone Battery necessary?

Replacing the dead iPhone battery may seem like a good idea, but is it always worth it? I'd recommend approaching the issue like this:

  • Is it out of warranty and still working properly for all your needs, it makes sense to replace the battery
  • Is your iPhone under warranty, then replace the battery
  • Is it out of warranty and a couple of years old, it doesn't make sense to replace the battery.

Since a battery replacement is one of the cheapest items in an iPhone that require repair. Apple currently offers the smaller iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus. Between them, they're rated for up to 10 hours of battery life while browsing the internet, chatting and checking your email, but if you've just updated to iOS 10, you might see a drain on your battery power.

Many people are in the habit of plugging in their device at night before bed and leaving it plugged in all night. DON’T DO IT! Even a fully-drained rechargeable battery should take six hours or less (usually, MUCH less) to reach a full charge, so leaving your battery plugged in all night pretty much guarantees you’re overcharging* the battery.

This practice reduces the capacity of your battery bit gradually, meaning that a full charge lasts a little shorter each time you recharge, it also lessens the life of your battery overall.

How Do I Check the Health of My iPhone Battery?

If your iPhone currently supports IOS 11.3 or later, you can quickly check the current health of your battery. However, if you’re concerned about your device and you cannot check your battery health, you can arrange a diagnosis service with our trained and highly-experienced technician.

iPhone 5s | iPhone 6 | iPhone 6s | iPhone 6s Plus

You can check the current state of your iPhone battery with the Battery Health feature by completing the following steps:

 1) Unlock your device and open up settings.

2) Scroll down and choose ‘Battery’

3) Tap on ‘Battery Health’

4) You’ll be given an overview of your battery’s maximum capacity and its peak performance.

IPhone Battery Solutions

To prevent your iPhone’s battery from performing badly, try the following:

  • Check power-hungry apps. By going into your settings and then clicking on battery, you can assess what apps are requiring more power to run. Consider using the apps less or finding alternatives.
  • Disabling location services. In your iPhone settings, you can turn off location services by going onto privacy and then location services. Apps can continue to use battery power even when the app is not being used.
  • Background data. Some apps require background data to keep the app constantly updated, such as social media and news apps. By going into settings, general and then background app refresh, you can turn this feature off and reduce battery levels for your iPhone.

Square Repair takes great pride in the work we carry out, which is why our previous customers continue to visit us when their device isn’t functioning correctly.

Our one year guarantee is included in every repair we carry out for devices, whether it’s to fix water damage or replace a power button.

If you’re unsure about the problems with your iPhone, you can book an appointment with us and we can carry out a diagnosis on it. Call us on 0203 206 1627 for more information or contact us here.